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About me

Eric Pilling

Andare Sports
8757 North Port Washington Road
Fox Point, WI 53217
(414) 247-1977
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Birthplace: Milwaukee, WI
Birthday: August 24th
Education: MBA from UWM and BS in Finance and Accounting
Experience: Value-added IT reseller, Public Accounting, Collegiate Soccer Coach
Hobbies: Soccer, spending time with family, board games
Spoken Languages: English

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Business Profile

We specialize in fitting performance athletic footwear for a wide variety of endeavors. Our heritage is running, but we make sure our customers have the best footwear for walking, cross training, tennis and simply leading an active life. We have an experienced staff who have been extensively trained as true "fit technicians". Together, Jim and I share more than 50 years of experience and history. We are extremely particular about the proper fit and matching an individual's biomechanics with the best footwear. Andare Sports was born in November 2012. Prior to that, we were known for 30 years as The Athlete's Foot. We have been in this location since 2005. We are located at RiverPoint Shopping Center in Fox Point, WI. We moved here in 2005. Prior to that, we were at Bayshore Mall.

My Wish for the World

Be active and get fresh air - for the body and mind.

Eric's 5 Favorite Things

  1. Color: orange
  2. Food: Pizza, Bread, Salad, repeat
  3. Drink: Coffee and Washington State Reds
  4. Car: Subaru
  5. City: I live in Shorewood

Eric's Playlist Top 10

  1. Neko Case "The worse things get, the harder I fight, the harder I fight, the more I love you
  2. Arcade Fire "Reflektor"
  3. Jason Isbell "Southeastern"
  4. Blessed Feathers "Order of the Arrow"
  5. Anything by Ryan Adams
  6. Anything by Jay Farrar
  7. Anything by Sun Kil Moon