Jenna Valoe, Purveyor of Quilted Goods

About Jenna

Birthplace: Milwaukee, WI
Birthday: June 17
Education: Bachelors of Cultural Anthropology UWMilwaukee
Experience: enthusiastic life long maker, professional seamstress, commissioned quilts
Craft: textile design and manipulation
Hobbies: bicycle rides, nature walks, cooking, visiting museums, napping outside
Spoken Languages: nothing fluent, read and speak a little Ojibwe

Rain and the River
1200 E. Auer Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 628-1111

Video information

Jenna's 5 Favorite Things

  1. Color: blue
  2. Season: Spring
  3. Holiday: st. nick's
  4. Beverage: coconut water
  5. Fashion accessory: dramatic necklaces

Rain & the River Company Profile

Rain and the River exist to create a sense of home and space through the use of textiles
Jenna Valoe creates unique Quilts, pillows and textile home accessories designed by reinterpreting classic Americana folk art which epitomizes the Midwest and in turn her native Milwaukee

My Wish for the World

I wish that everyone have peace of mind and a place to go home to.

Jenna's Playlist Top 10

  1. Solange Knowles "Lover's in the Parking Lot"
  2. Bill Callahan "From the Rivers to the Ocean"
  3. Bruce Springsteen "The River"
  4. LCD Soundsystem "Dance Yrself Clean"
  5. Kris Kristofferson "Beat the Devil"
  6. Erykah Badu "Love of My Life"
  7. The National "Fake Empire"
  8. Talking Heads "Wild Wild Life"
  9. Cat Power "He War"
  10. Latryx "Lady Don't Tek No"